Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not sure what to think about this admission

So the way that this all went down was as follows (a warning that this is a graphic medical description):

The Boy needed to go to the lab for his bloodwork instead of having the nurse come, because of the cold agglutinin. We knew that. It was in the plans.

I had also mentioned that The Boy had been suffering from diarrhea. We quickly ceased giving him milk to drink. No more "pink milk" for him (he had strawberry milk one time, so we bought strawberry syrup and mixed in a few drops). And no more Eat n Park milkshakes (he's only had one)...sigh...

Naturally, with diarrhea comes rashes, and when things didn't look right, we thought that it was as a result of the poo. Everything comes down to poo.

Sitting in the clinic office was when, upon indicating that there was a bleeding issue, that The Boy demonstrated what the problem was by oozing blood from his urethra. Generally speaking, that's not a good thing. They wanted to put a bag on for urine collection and I thought, fabulous, we'll be here all day. His previous diaper was dry, so we lucked out and got the urine sample in a matter of minutes.

Of course, the way I was able to tell that he had gone was the painful vocalization as he went, confirming that poo isn't really the problem.

As I was about to explain everything above in the previous blog entry, they came in to tell us that The Boy was being admitted.

So, as things stand, The Boy is having a terribly painful time with urination. We are unclear as to what is actually wrong, but they are running tests (naturally). Suspected causes of this problem are as follows:

A rash that has dried and cracked. Some poo caused an infection in there. Some other form of urinary tract infection. Kidney stones. Bladder bleeding from the Cyclophosphamide.

We don't know, and we won't know for at least a little bit.

my plans to attend my aunt's wedding are no more. Should The Boy actually be discharged in time, we'll still go to Harrisburg for Passover.

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