Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You'd think we never feed this kid!

The Boy was finally given some breakfast after not having had any real meal since Monday's dinner. He was allowed to eat last night but was still a little queasy from the sedation, so he just had a few bites of cereal bar.

The way that nutrition service works here is that you call and order it and it comes within 45 minutes or so. There is a menu, and kids can have whatever they want.

Except that they don't make omelettes for little guys! I guess they have a "junior" designation. I'm sure that they do, since first thing in the morning he was still on "clears" and wasn't going to get his omelette anyway. I asked them for the omelette and they said that they only do scrambled eggs and cheese for little ones. I then said, "You mean you can't put vegetables in there?" Perhaps they were assuming that since The Boy is so little, he could never eat an omelette, and it would be a waste of energy to make him one.

Wrong they would be, as he powered through his eggs and turkey sausage. He could not get that stuff in his mouth fast enough.

We should be good to go home soon. Just in time to go to chemo.

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