Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I wanna push you around...

Since I last wrote, my mother came and went, for an extra visit. Awesome. She loves The Boy, and Musical Daddy and I okay too.

The Boy had bloodwork yesterday and will have more tomorrow. He will also have an EKG. By the way, we only recently found out that he needed the EKG as a prerequisite to surgery. Would have been nice to tell us this earlier but hey--what more do we expect? We made two trips for nothing, after all...

The Boy's last meal tomorrow is breakfast. After that, he's on mama milk and clear stuff. That will be truly exciting. As in, something of a nightmare. Doctor's orders, though. It's just a real drag when it seems like he is actually eating this week, only to lose a day of that good food. The Boy has weighed the same for quite awhile now. And he does look like a cancer patient. Complete with lack of eyebrows.

He's not in the greatest mood right now because more of those teeth are on their way in. The molars made their debuts over the end of the summer, and now come the canines.

Less than two days until surgery and it's one more thing to cross off the to-do list.

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