Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Although I am not very frum, apparently my blog is because it has taken a break for Rosh Hashanah. For those who are curious, frum means, roughly, " very religiously observant."

Anyhow, yesterday I attended services at my shul. There is a new student cantor who did a wonderful job (we have only student cantors in our congregation, and as far as I can tell, we get a new one every three years). I planned to bring The Boy this morning, but he had other ideas. Or rather, as much as he loves shul, his body was rebelling against chemo and whatever other nasties he had picked up from his schoolteacher parents.

This morning was a repeat of the events of a few weeks ago. I put him in his high chair, all set to serve him eggs and juice, and he started coughing and hacking. He brought up clear fluid which ended up in his bib pocket (making cleanup pretty easy), and he wouldn't even touch his food after that.

He also had a fever, up to 98.9 under the arm (which is about 99.9), but apparently it wasn't anything about which the doctor was concerned. I should mention that he received his chemo yesterday despite not having quite a high enough Absolute Neutrophil Count. I wish that, as long as he was going to receive it without having the numbers, that they had done it on Thursday of last week, because his numbers were actually better then. Anyhow, his temperature fell over the course of the day to about 98.4 under the arm but was back up to 98.8 as he was sleeping.

By the way, he did sleep a lot today, which is pretty normal for the day right after chemo.

He ate very little at lunchtime but had a strong enough stomach for dinner, thank goodness. And, thank goodness even more, he nursed every few hours.

Even with all of this, though, it's been a wonderful year, from one Rosh Hashanah to the next. I missed Yom Kippur last year, due to a separate issue that, I don't think, was ever related to this one. I'll post that story right after this one. But other than that...I had a great year at work last year and a wonderful year watching The Boy grow and turn into a little man.

As for myself, I have a few things to work on, as we all do. I'd like to do a little bit better about not pre-judging people before I know what's going on with them. Since most of the time, it's none of my business anyway. That said, if you ask for my advice, I'm always happy to share.

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