Friday, October 3, 2008

In The Hospital

Today (although it's 2 AM the next day, the Tuesday rule says that the day doesn't change until you get your sleep) The Boy was sick in the morning once he got to Ms. R's house. As in, he threw up his lunch. He refused his food, had a bottle from the dwindling freezer stash, and threw up later.

I called the treatment center and we brought him in...only to be sent directly to the ER because of the time of day.

If I wanted to just sit on my behind and be ignored, we could have just stayed home. We checked in at 4; The Boy was finally brought to his room on the pediatric floor at 12AM.

I don't want to get all long-winded about this, mostly because I'm finally starting to regain the tired that I lost from having to talk to the doctors and nurses.

We should be out of here tomorrow. I hope.

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