Sunday, October 5, 2008

Funny how things change...

My parents are coming to visit this weekend, which we always love. Grandma loves The Boy!

Their kitchen was destroyed in a fire last week, rendering their house pretty much uninhabitable for now. Fortunately no one was hurt and nothing major was destroyed other than the entire kitchen.

I suggested that perhaps they'd want to bring all their laundry and get it done at my house, which my mom said might not be a bad idea. Funny, because usually it's the opposite--children come home with laundry for their parents, not parents coming home with laundry for their children!

I'd be glad to do the wash for them and give them a little break, but I doubt that they'd allow it. At least they have no choice but to let me cook for them.

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Sarah R said...

I'm kind-of jealous! My mom lives so close (about 8-10 minutes away) that we see each other often enough. I don't get the fun of parents coming to stay (MIL also lives 10 minutes away). Nobody ever comes to stay, and the sad thing is we never get visitors. I almost wish someone lived out of town so they'd want to come stay with us! Haha...whenever we do have company (not very often) DH actually pitches in to clean. It's kind-of nice to have the help because usually I'm doing 90% of the cleaning.