Friday, October 17, 2008

It's NOT go time

We did, indeed, go to Philadelphia with our bags packed, only to show up for another quick consult that probably could have been done over the phone and then, while we were there, a LONG wait followed by another quick exam from the anesthesia department.

Waste of a sick day, waste of several gallons of gas, and, what's worse, forcing The Boy to go without food for no reason. We were told, several times, that he would be getting the biopsy at that point. Somebody screwed up.

The hospital is just not all that friendly of a place. Perhaps we feel that way because it's not our normal venue and it is far away. Maybe it's because we had to spend way more time than necessary in the exam rooms waiting and attempting to keep The Boy from spending too much time crawling around on the floor, with the germs and such--YOU try telling a kid that age not to crawl around on the floor.

Maybe--and this is the icing on the crap-filled cake--it's also because of our experience with the parking lot. We got our ticket stamped thinking that we'd just insert it and leave, as is always the case when The Boy goes to his normal appointments. Instead, my already-livid husband put the ticket in and...nothing happened. We talked to the woman at the next window, only to be told to back up and go into another line. I got out of the car and stopped traffic for this. Then, we discovered that the parking stamp did not give us free parking but, rather, that we had to pay $3 anyway. They said that we were lucky that it wasn't $16 because that's what a stay as long as ours would have normally cost. Then they gave change in all singles.

$3 every time we have to go there. That adds up in a hurry.

The good news: we do (allegedly) have a date for the biopsy and the surgery (I'll believe it when I see it). The biopsy will be on October 21st, this Tuesday. If he has an infection that needs to be drained and treated, that will require an overnight stay. If it's anything else, he won't. The surgery will be on October 30th, barring any unforeseen "issues" like last week's fever incident.

No monkey costume for Halloween this year. Maybe we'll buy him a cute hat.

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Sarah R said...

How FRUSTRATING! I am so sorry they gave you the run-around. At the very least, they owe you an apology. A baby doesn't like hours waiting, let alone while hungry!