Thursday, October 30, 2008

That which the normal mom does

One of the first thoughts that I had following The Boy's diagnosis was that I'm going to be a "cancer mom" for a really long time. Technically forever, but at some point the responsibility will shift more to The Boy in terms of his follow-up. Everything takes on a new meaning when you're a cancer mom. Sometimes it is also easy to forget that children go through certain trials whether or not they are being treated for cancer.

For example, The Boy has had a few puking episodes this week and currently has a bit of a runny nose. He's teething. But he has cancer and is on chemo--is it the chemo or the teeth that are causing him to be a major grouch-man? I can't tell. Most moms wonder which tooth it is.

I look forward to surgery, because it's one more milestone. Most moms look forward to walking, running, and better table manners.

I am pleased with The Boy's table manners, even given the circumstances.

Some moms second-guess the pediatrician. I second-guessed the oncologist when I thought that they should have given The Boy neupogen before the surgery was to happen. She said that there was just no way to know, even though I knew that his levels were not done dropping. More to the point, as my mother said, Neupogen is a very expensive medication, and insurance won't cover it until it is REALLY low.

Falling on's contagious!


Musical Daddy said...

Ah. That's why the laundry was half folded.

Sarah said...

I can't imagine all the thoughts going thru your mind lately. Everyone is so wrapped up in thier own concerns, and thinking about when to introduce dairy or how to deal with the temper tantrums.

It sounds like you have a good outlook on this topic. I hope if I ever have to be in your shoes that I will too, and not find myself saying "your concerned with an ear infection! look what is on my plate!".