Monday, August 16, 2010

Feeling the nerves...

Today, The Boy has the second of four doctor's appointments. I'm a little nervous about today's nephrology visit. The Boy has been doing well with his blood pressure and has frequently not even needed his medicine. But even so, there is alway the possibility that something is going wrong with his kidney, remembering that the reason why he was taken off chemo was because of poor kidney function.

It is possible that they will order the GFR test again. Not a major deal.

Next week is the oncology appointment. 3 months (well, really 4 months) off treatment. He has a scheduled ultrasound and, I think, a walk-in chest X-Ray. This is where we find out if the cancer is really REALLY gone.

We still have no jobs at all.

Some women put their careers on hold for their kids. I destroyed mine, I think. I just wonder what my kids will say about me when asked, "what does your mommy do?" I would be fine with just being Mommy except that without a job for either of us, I still need to be prepared to win the bread around here.

Jobless rate is something like 9% nationwide, so I shouldn't be too shocked, but having spent my life being told that I am "special" and "talented" and "gifted" and all that, it is a real blow to be told otherwise by the interviewers that don't even dignify my efforts with a phone call.

So I'm nervous that two degrees and thousands of hours of work, for either of us (three for him) are worthless.

And all we can do is wait.


ambern99 said...

I hope the appointment goes well and that everything comes back good.

I've been unemployed for some time now and competely understand how you feel. Luckily my husband is working but his pay decreases aren't helping our situation any. Hopefully one or both of you will find something soon.

Heather said...

I will pray that his appointments go well.

I really don't have any thing to tell you about the job market right now that you probably haven't heard. What I think is unfourtunate is that the arts are the first thing that is cut when schools lose funding. It is such a shame because I have some of my most fond memories of being in band during school.

Alina said...

Sorry Molly, you seem to have a string of bad luck job-wise, but good luck David-wise and I am sure you wouldn't have it any other way :) Don't let the interviews bring you down and lead you to believe you are not talented!
I am also torn about quitting my job for a few years to have another baby, because there may not be a job to come back to. In my field you can't be away from patient care and just come waltzing back whenever you feel like. It is the same in your field, or are you able to return next year, and maybe find something else this school year? Best of luck. xoxo

Michelle said...

I know how you feel about the job thing. Straight A student, great work experience, but when I was laid-off from the research industry, it took me a full year to find something. So discouraging! But something will come along and it will be the right thing for you and your family. Wishing the best for David. He will be fine :)