Wednesday, August 11, 2010

and...we're off!

Over the past few weeks, Meatball has been taking one or two steps at a time, mostly as a result of us letting go of his hands and him trying to lunge for something. Today, though, I was playing outside with him and he walked about 6 steps toward me! Of course he has no desire to do it again.

I'd say in maybe a few weeks he'll be done with crawling, but right now that's still what he prefers.

Today we went to the Spray Park in Beechview. It was fun! We know now that the kids would be better off in swimsuits, though. As would we. Because we got SOAKED.

According to one of the reviews I read about the park, they're putting one in at Mellon Park, which is in walking distance from us. Currently, there is one in Beechview, which is in the southern part of the city, and one in Troy Hill, which is north.

We plan to invite friends to come with us next time!