Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Can you tell me how to get..,

Vacation week is here and we're all in. Yesterday we left Pittsburgh and drove all the way across the state to the last PA Turnpike exit. The trip was mostly fine and well above average considering our travel companions. We stayed at a motel which was about 15 minutes from Sesame Place.

Also at this time I delivered some of my milk to a friend in that area. Happy World Breastfeeding Week everyone!

The motel was just fine. Much more important was the fact that Meatball slept in the pack n play in the same room as us with not too much of a problem.

Sesame Place is a lot of fun, but next time we'll do the 3 PM admission. It was hot and the kids were tired. Better for kids either older or more adventurous or both, to go right as the park opens. It is expensive to go just once, particularly paying full price instead of the 3 PM price. Kids 2 and up cost the same as adults.

There are lots of water attractions and they are somewhat intertwined with the rest of the park. Bring swim stuff.

Stop at the Burger King near there and grab a coupon, too.

Anyhow, fun was had. Meatball rode the teacups with us and did the carousel twice. He had a good time at The Count's Castle, which is a larger version of Wet Willie's at Sandcastle. The Boy did the teacups, the carousel, and played in the monster maze. They enjoyed Big Bird's Court, which had a bouncy play area.

The food that we got was really expensive and not really good. The pizza tasted like it was from the cafeteria at the school where I used to work, as it had a wheat crust (but not a flavorful one) and rubber cheese. I like that stuff ok, but I prefer paying $3 or whatever it was as opposed to $10. The chicken garden salad had maybe 5 little pieces of chicken. I tasted the macaroni and cheese and it was actually bad. And I'm not that picky.

I haven't tried the cookout there, which is possibly different and better (and more crowded) but you could just as easily bring something instead.

They do the parade at 2 and 7. I bet most people don't stay all day.

Following the parade, we let The Boy play with the rubber ducks. He was obsessed--you know the ones where you pick them up and win a prize? The operator was really nice about letting him just play.

The trip up to Grandpa's consisted of 30 minutes of napping and 70 minutes of Meatball purposely screwing with The Boy. Poking, prodding, not keeping hands to himself.

The Boy napped on Grandpa's bed.

I am SO tired. So to sleep I go.


Alina said...

The amusement park food is a huge drawback for me. Our kids do great in the midst of excitement, and love water parks especially, but we usually spend 50$ on food and drinks that are garbage. Always, even at Disney. No wonder you get the after-lunch meltdowns. We are planning a trip to Land of Make Believe, but I know it will be the same. I am also looking into parks with a picnic area where you can bring your own food, but they are not many.
Anyways, glad you had fun and good luck with the job search! I wouldn't mind if you got one in NJ and moved back :)

10proctors said...

Some amusement parks allow you to get your hand stamped or some kind of re-entry so that you can go eat somewhere else and then come back later. I don't know about further east where you guys are, but I know the park I worked at for 3 years had that feature.

Alejo said...

Yes in spain, where I from it happens the same, at the entrance of any water park you get your hand stamped. We usually go to this Aquapolis water park that I strongly recommend you in case you ever go to spain for holidays! The weather is really nice and the kids will have a nice time!

Jennifer said...

We'd probably go to Sesame Place if we were in NJ. Thankfully, Elmo comes to SeaWorld every summer and it's free for FL teachers. :) They have a new Sesame area at Busch Garden's, but it's not free. :P

Yay for BFing week. 3 months in with baby #2. :)