Monday, August 30, 2010


BlogPress stinks.

It ate my LONG post about the party and The Boy's birthday.

Facebook's video stinks too. I recorded a video of The Boy singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles, but it won't upload. WTF.

I'm having bad luck with technology.

In short, great party for The Boy. A good time was had by all.

This morning, The Boy went for his checkup. Same size as before--32 pounds and 37 inches. Not sure what chart to use but he is about average-sized. Which means that for us, he is a bit small still. He was very cooperative and even got his knee reflex back. You know, the one where your knee is tapped and you kick.

Lunch and playtime with Grandpa, from NJ. We met at the mall near where he is staying. The Boy rode the carousel for free because it was his birthday.

Glad to say I have 3 little violin kids starting next month! I signed up to teach through an online service. Works well for us, since we don't know anyone!

Also, September is almost here. Childhood cancer awareness month. Also, eat at Chili's especially when they have their St. Jude's fundraiser.

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