Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bring on the Scanxiety

Tomorrow, The Boy goes in for his 3 month ultrasound and chest x-ray (4 month, because it took us awhile to get his end-of treatment scans with it having happened so suddenly). They want him to go without eating for 6 hours. I'm realizing now that with him being nearly 3, he starts to cross into the realm of the "older" kid patients. So he'll have a nice big breakfast, and we'll still get to give him water and a little juice (but not too much--we've been doing SO well with the normal poop) until 2 hours before the appointment.

Musical Daddy and I will both get to go to this one, and Grandma will watch Meatball.

Both Musical Daddy and I are big believers in being put where we need to be, not necessarily where we want to be. Not that I'd ever WANT to go through what we did if I had the choice, but I'm amazed at how much being cancer caregivers has shaped us as parents. For the better. We belong here and not where we used to live, even if many of the circumstances surrounding our move were horrific. So in that case we were forced to come here, but we know that it was best for our family.

So we can't help but wonder, as scans approach: are we still without jobs because we're not done yet? Are we going to get bad news tomorrow? Do we need to keep fighting?

Or, less pessimistic: are we without jobs right now just so that we can stay focused on getting him and us through these tests, and once he is declared NED, then we'll get some offers?

The Boy is a completely changed child since he was taken off treatment. He is stronger, healthier (obviously, since he isn't being pumped full of toxic chemicals), smarter, more willful, and at least 5 pounds heavier. His speech patterns and vocabulary are fantastic. He has had such a good time over these past several months, without us having to worry about his counts or other kids getting him sick.

He has also had a fantastic weekend with potty training! He hasn't been accident-free but he's been darned close, and he has actually taken himself to go almost as often as we've taken him. We have made trips out with him in underwear and he did quite well. Yesterday he used the potty at Dunkin' Donuts and at the playground! I think that part of it is that Musical Daddy and I are really on the same page with reminding him to go and I've conceded with the rewards. Also, I let him take the iPod when he goes to sit on the potty.

Only thing I'm not crazy about is that he has preferred the potty chairs to the regular toilet much of the time when he takes himself. It's an extra step to clean them out, but not a major deal. He still uses the toilet often enough to feel comfortable with it. And usually he sits backwards.

Meatball, meanwhile, has been slowly increasing the amount of walking he does. He still crawls more than walks, but it will be a few weeks yet until he is walking full time.

This weekend, Musical Daddy's buddy came to visit us from NJ. We had a great time! Sandcastle on Friday with the kids followed by dinner out, just the 3 of us. The boys (meaning them and the kids) hung out Saturday afternoon and went to the comic book store while my mother, my sister, and I saw a show, and then Musical Daddy and his BFF went to a ballgame. Sunday morning, we went to The Original Pancake House for breakfast. There is one of those where Musical Daddy grew up, and we would go there frequently with his father. There are two near here, neither one of which is convenient, but they are close enough so that if we wanted to go for a special treat, we could. Their pancakes really are better than anyone else's.

Anyhow, on tap for the week is the doctor day tomorrow, rehearsal for Musical Daddy tomorrow, rehearsal for me on Tuesday. Thursday night, I'm going to another show with my mother and some friends. Somewhere in there, I'd like to fit in a tour on the Gateway Clipper Fleet, with Musical Daddy and the kids. So there's a lot to do.

Please pray for us/think about us tomorrow; wish for clean scans for The Boy. Thanks, everyone.


Elana said...

I will be praying extra hard for you tomorrow!!!

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JC said...

Praying for you all. Scans suck, but you can breathe so much easier when they are over!

Sarah R said...

~*~ Clean scan vibes ~&~