Friday, May 28, 2010

Things I Don't Need: a sequel that (thankfully) lacks "oomph."

This morning, as I returned from early morning therapy (might work better than the afternoon session, time-wise), I found a note on my van. The van had been parked a few houses down the street in order to facilitate the moving of large items into the garage. I had planned on moving it back in...eventually. The note read

"I hit your car. Please call me. {number} {name of neighbor}."

Oh, you hit the car? (looking around) I don't see anyth-- HOLY CRAP.

It's BAD. Going to need some major body work around the driver side, in front of the door area. The door opens, but poorly.

He is involving insurance. Hopefully this will be a pretty easy fix. Even if it takes awhile.

I know the guy too. When I called him in response to his note, I told him that I had met him at our other neighbor's party in December and that I was in 2nd grade with his son.

But compared to some of the previous entries in the "things I don't need" series, this is small potatoes. Because you see, it isn't cancer.