Friday, May 14, 2010

End of the WORK week

Potty training is NOT easy.

The Boy has done well. I'm not sure how much progress we've really made from Monday to now, seeing as how he still isn't too thrilled about being taken to the bathroom, but he is unlearning old habits and replacing them with new ones. It is going to take him a bit of time. He woke up dry this morning and then was taken to pee, but we're probably not going to touch the night training thing yet.

I'm sure that if I had waited, it would be the sort of thing where he was "ready" and did most of it himself. I get that. But he was ready enough to the point where instead of carrying him off kicking and screaming for diaper changes, I carry him off kicking and screaming to the potty sometimes, and other times he is fine with going. He is reliable enough to be able to go out for at least awhile without needing to go and we are getting him used to going in other places. Since we are past the point of "breaking even" in terms of time investment, and mess, we're sticking with The Boy being trained/in the training process. Over the course of time, he'll get better at taking himself to go and trying even when he doesn't think he needs to go.

Tonight, we take him out for ice cream. Or Rita's.

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Rebecca said...

I could not agree more! Potty training is HARD WORK!!! lol

Our problem is consistency. It is hard because he is in daycare 5 days a week for a few hours a day. When we are at home we work on it, but daycare doesn't. So, next week he is going to be out of school for a week. I hope to really tackle potty training hard and heavy that week. We'll see how it goes.

Best of luck to you during your potty training journey! It sounds like he is making great progress!! :)