Monday, May 10, 2010

Potty: 6 and 2

Lesson learned: when getting serious about potty training and taking your kid to potty frequently, don't let them out of your sight or get preoccupied with cleaning and such. You might end up with a big mess.

I was going to wait an extra week, but there really is no time like the present. Basically, I'm taking him every few minutes until he goes, watching him for signs, and, of course, heaping on the praise. I'm less enthusiastic about tangible rewards, at least not for every time. My preference is to give him things sometimes so he doesn't expect it. Besides, I still think that he doesn't understand bribery.

I am proud of him for spending the entire day in underpants. Six number ones in the potty; unfortunately he missed 2. And they were twosies.

He fights me. He doesn't want to go. I have to "force" him sometimes, but I am consistent and gentle with him. I don't show him anger, even when he fights me.

I think that we could have done this earlier, if we were willing to treat resistance as we would typical tantrums. It's also a matter of me convincing him, and myself, that he CAN learn to go without diapers. This part is actually more difficult and more inconvenient than having him in diapers, because right now we don't really go many places, and particularly when it is just me and the boys, I have a hard time managing Meatball as well.

And if it hadn't been for stupid cancer, we would have started before he got quite so stubborn. Live and learn...


JC said...

I know it is easy to get frustrated, but it sounds like you are doing your best. Sometimes I forget to be patient and snap. :( I did get my grandbaby to pee in the potty last night. Guess Summer is helping her out in that area because Lexie wants to do everything Summer can do. . Maybe that will happen with David and Jesse too.

Jennifer said...

I haven't officially started yet and my DD is the same age as David. She'll go sometimes, but I haven't really pushed it yet. I didn't want to train her and then have her reverse when the baby gets here. Plus I am home now, so I can really work on it after the baby is here.

I'm hoping she'll see her baby brother in diapers and decided she wants to be a big girl and not wear diapers like a baby. I doubt it though.

You sound like you are doing great though. Oh and my BFF's boys are a year apart and her 2nd was easier with everything (getting rid of paci and potty training) because he wants to be like his big brother.

sp0okY said...

I definitely understand how you feel. My first son had a lot of health problems his first two years (8 surgeries in 2 years). He didn't potty train until right before he turned 4, despite several attempts. My youngest trained very easy. They will train when they are ready, despite our best efforts.

The Farmers Wife said...

Molly Drew is roughly the same age and we haven't started yet either, he just doesn't "get" it yet. I think maybe a couple of more months and we will start in earnest!