Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting warmer...

It is a nice feeling that the temperature around here is starting to get to the point where the children can wear shorts. The Boy likes shorts. I like the way that he says the word "shorts."

He's doing well. And if you ask him how he's doing, he'll say "doing well!" He even will initiate conversations with people by saying "How are you?"

The potty thing is working for us, albeit slowly. Individual days, or individual pockets of resistance, are still difficult. But then I look at where he is now even compared to last week, and he's made progress. We went on an outing today and he stayed dry almost the whole time despite several visits to the restroom. He had an accident near the end, but it actually corresponded to him playing somewhere with lots of water that had collected, so he'd have needed a change of pants regardless. I still maintain, and if you are a parent of a child his age or even as much as a year younger this may be the impetus you need to get your kid started, that we are at worst breaking even in terms of work required and amount of cleanup required, keeping him in diapers vs. having him wear underpants.

Actually yesterday, since the weather was lousy, we stayed inside all day and he wore no pants at all. He had only one accident and just about every other potty visit was his idea.

I even asked him a few days ago, when I was frustrated and preoccupied and he kept having accidents, if he wanted to go back to wearing diapers. No, he said, he wears underpants.

Meatball is still about the same. Happy, healthy, growing, eating. Playing, smiling, crawling. Not walking yet, but it's early yet. Neither Musical Daddy nor I walked before age 1, so we have no reason to believe that Meatball will do so. Talking...maybe. Sometimes it seems as though "Mama," "Dad" and "Hi" are said intentionally.

Musical Daddy is making it through his job. He is doing exceptionally well, given the circumstances (he's a sub for a sub for a sub for a teacher who retired, so he's the fourth person that these kids have seen for math). His colleagues like him, and the students like him too, as much as they like anyone and will do work for anyone.

We're looking for work, preferably teaching music. I had an interview last week but received a "thanks but no thanks" letter in the mail. Perhaps I need to review my stock questions for an interview and make sure that I know how to say the right stuff. Perhaps I was dressed funny. Who knows? There was only one other person there for the job, as far as I can tell, and they must have picked him. Honestly, I thought that I had it all over this guy--better credentials including an M.Mus., better job history and experience, not to mention that I'm more easily accessible, living 5 minutes away from the school. It isn't even June yet, so I shouldn't worry TOO much, but even so, I'm just not feeling very lucky.

We also could use work for the summer. Not sure how to find that, though. I was contacted about teaching lessons to one kid. If I can get a few more, that might be enough. Problem is, people hire for summer work in January. And in January, we were a little preoccupied.

I just have to remind myself that no matter what is going on, NOTHING could compare to the absolute pit of despair that was our lives during the second half of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. We thought the worst, and rightly so, when we were told that there might be more cancer. Then we got the reprieve of all our lives (particularly The Boy's life!). No matter what happens, no matter what anyone says or does, no matter who tries to bring us down, it's peanuts compared to what was going on in our lives before.

If that doesn't make sense, well, that's unfortunate.

I was asked "what would your students say about you?" in that interview last week. I guessed. Maybe I should ask them.

Musical Daddy has been watching the Lost Finale for the past few hours. They have pre-show stuff and post-show stuff. I hope he has extra coffee for tomorrow. He has also been cleaning up the living room.

This week I will finally straighten out some lingering car issues. And try out therapy early in the morning instead of the afternoon. A few other things, but beyond that, my main focus will be on the boys. Because they're the most important.

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