Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just like the "good" old days

I gave The Boy some Imodium (his doc has previously advised us to give this to him). It was green and minty, and he was NOT interested.

Yet, I got him to swallow just about all of it. Not without fighting. And, of course, before I gave it to him, I explained what it was and what it was for. As if he cared.

After he fought me about this medicine, and he took the medicine, I gave him hugs and told him again that the medicine was to help his stomach feel better.

I haven't had to fight a screaming Boy to give him medicine in a long time--usually it's "Yay! Medicines and bears! I love medicines and bears!" meaning that his standard medications are inoffensive enough and he loves his vitamin and calcium bears.

It is surprising, then, that I remember as well as I do how to get a resistant child to swallow medicine. I am also glad that I didn't get upset with him or lose my temper.

I also give shots pretty well...maybe a career change? Not likely. Particularly not with the hours that nurses typically have.

But then again, I find the prospect of finding a new music teaching job rather daunting. And what could compare to the job that I had?

Anyhow, it's time to put The Boy back to bed. Good night, friends on the interwebs.

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