Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I give up.

I think I'm putting The Boy back in diapers. Every time he gets the chance, he has accidents just to get attention. There's only so much pee and poo I can clean up off the floor and his legs and only so much time I can spend containing his little brother while I'm doing it.

I'm also giving up trying to get him to nap. I will not lie down with him to rest anymore, because I end up neglecting Meatball or trying to get him to rest too, when he won't.

The Boy has been accustomed to having an adult, or more, to himself, when he is in the hospital. Fortunately, he's not doing that anymore. Part of adjusting to "normal" life is getting him to understand that there are other people in the family.

Maybe when school is out for Musical Daddy, we'll try to get all this in order.

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MontanaMama said...

Good luck with your teaching of life's lesson that we can't be the center of the universe...it's a tough one to learn, no matter what age!