Saturday, June 12, 2010

Drug Problem

I decided to do a little bit of nosing around online after reading Dr. Mercola's latest anti-pharma article. As I have said numerous times (and have come under attack by people who think I'm trying to make them feel guilty), I tend to prefer the path of least intervention, the path of addressing the problem and not just the symptom. Dr. Mercola is an extreme proponent of this. I disagree with him sometimes or find him to be over the top, but reading his newsletter reminds me to make a few more healthy choices for myself and my family.

I like to see the extremes so that I can figure out where to place myself.

But this isn't about Dr. Mercola today.

I decided to nose around online and learn about the possible side effects of The Boy's medication. He takes Enalapril once a day for hypertension. Enalapril is in the ACE inhibitor medication family, so I googled "long term effect of ACE inhibitors."

I discovered that a possible side effect of ACE inhibitors is diarrhea. Might explain the potty training problems.

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