Friday, June 4, 2010


Some of the best $5 ever spent: a Buzz Lightyear Slip n Slide.

Today, we had friends over--mom and little guy, 14 months old. First on the agenda was, of course, lunch!

The concept for the meal was dips. I figure, they're little kids, and it's messy fun. Of course, Meatball was wearing his meal in short order. I took tortillas and cut them into little wedges. I made a few quesadillas separately but for the most part, everything was to be dipped into using these little tortilla pieces. I had beans, cheese, salsa, salsa with sour cream, onions, peppers, and two kinds of hummus. I also made cut grapes in yogurt for the little guys.

Meatball LOVES food. He ate everything. The Boy was enthusiastic about the quesadillas but not much else...he could really use some color in his diet.

From there, we puttered around with toys for a bit, and I set up the Slip n Slide outside. Our little friend wasn't quite as interested, but The Boy LOVED it. He walked back and forth...and then he fell. Which was hilarious, so he repeated it.

Meatball wasn't interested and was also less than thrilled when I got him with the hose. Sorry, little buddy.

The interesting thing about the afternoon was that even though our little friend was 14 months old, where Meatball is 11 months, and you'd think they'd be playing together, it was The Boy, nearly 3 years old, who played with him. This kid climbed up the slide. He's tough. But "tough" at his age is probably just about right for a playmate for The Boy. I don't worry about his verbal skills, not having other little kids with whom to carry on conversations. He talks to us all the time. What he needs is a little friend who will encourage him to climb on stuff, because Meatball is too young yet and probably will not walk until after his first birthday. No big deal--I didn't.

On that subject, The Boy starts his physical therapy, finally. He will go every Monday. I think that he has improved significantly, just from the time spent on the playground. Hopefully the therapist will have some fun suggestions for us.


Anonymous said...

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Cate said...

I just got one of those for my bff's son. It promises to be a safe and fun summer this year