Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meatball Birthday and a minor "whole story"

Yesterday, my little (?) Meatball turned 2. Amazing. It seems like he was just a baby and now he's 2. He amazes me every day with the new tricks in his repertoire. He says so much, does so much, eats at the table like a big person and has for a long time, asks for what he wants, knows letters and numbers and shapes, and is even doing a nice job with the potty. He is so bright and handsome and has been such a blessing.

The birthday party was awhile ago, just in case. Doesn't mean we didn't have more cake yesterday.

I made little cupcakes with glaze and sprinkles to bring to camp, and he shared them during lunch. We arrived just in time to hear everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

He LOVES to hear things again and again; we must have sung to him at least 50 times. The Boy helped, too.

I'm also thrilled that The Boy can sing "Happy Birthday." He really sings it too, not necessarily settling on a key right away but he does get the octave jump in there most of the time.

Meatball will not be sharing his birthday with Ender. Still not sure yet whose birthday, if anyone's, Ender will be sharing. Because he isn't here yet. I'm 39 weeks today and, at my checkup, the doctor said that everything looks fine. I'm "measuring" 40 weeks by fundal height and had previously been right on track, not ahead, but it's a centimeter. So, whatever. Not much action in there yet. I had about a day of prodromal labor with Meatball before things really got going.

Also, today we both had an interview. They actually called me, but I felt like I had nothing to lose by asking them to interview Musical Daddy as well. Particularly if for some reason I was unable to make it there, at least someone would get a foot in the door. There are two positions; a half-time contract position at the middle school and a full-time leave replacement for elementary. Both vocal/general music. I could definitely see them wanting Musical Daddy for the middle school position...but the problem is, the commute is really lousy. It's awhile before we'll hear anything, the principal said, but it may be worth looking into a move if we do get any offers. The district is pretty small, only about 1500 kids total, with a big band program. No strings. If one of us gets in, maybe we push for it...?

Meatball pooped on the toilet. Awesome! He skipped his nap. Not awesome.

However, the full story on the nap-skipping was that he fell asleep for a few minutes on a walk and foolishly thought that he only needed that for his nap.

Had me worried--nap time is a very important time for us around here! We love naps!

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