Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The Boy now attends preschool every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from about 8:45 (drop-off time is from 8:30-9:00 and we probably get there in the middle of it) until 12:30. His first day was yesterday, and I wanted to write about it yesterday but as soon as I got home from rehearsal, Meatball was awake and looking for Mum.

The Boy is in a class with 9 children (including himself) and 2 teachers. That's a darned good ratio! There are 6 girls in the class and 3 boys. I have memorized the names of all the kids in the class and can identify them all within the class; some of them I knew already, and some I knew their parents. Also, there is a girl in the class who had a kidney transplant.

There are a few structured/scheduled activities that the kids do. They sit at the table for snack and lunch. They go up to the gym to run and play. They go outside to play. They have library on Tuesdays, something else on Thursdays (I'll find out tomorrow, might be music) and they do Shabbat on Fridays to get the kids familiar with traditional songs and blessings. At some points the kids sit together and do activities or songs. One of the teachers reported that David picked the ABC song to sing with the group.

They have little froggies with the kids' names on them.

I'm glad he seems to like it, and he is excited to go back tomorrow. I'm also enjoying the prospect of spending some time with just Meatball.

Speaking of Meatball, he is exactly one-and-a-half years old today!

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JC said...

So happy things are going so well now. Good to see him doing normal things and enjoying preschool. Happy New Year!