Sunday, January 9, 2011

A little Sunday wrap-up

The Boy had a successful first week of school and will be happy to return this coming week. He said he played with friends, he told me a few times with whom he sat at lunch, and the teachers said that he's doing just fine. Pretty successful in terms of potty at school as well!

We feel like we've finally turned the corner with this potty business. He has been good about taking himself to go, even when he has clothes on. We don't get on his case about it too much. Would he have done it himself had we just left him in diapers and not worked with him on it? I doubt it. There were a lot of habits that he needed to learn and there is a lot of "potty rhetoric" that he has finally adopted. Such as, twice when he has needed to go, he has said "I have to stop what I'm doing!" which is right out of the Elmo's Potty Time video, but has been something that we've said to him over and over, because he used to NOT stop what he was doing and then we had a problem.

Lots of sadness this weekend, unfortunately. A close online friend of mine lost her husband on Friday to a brain tumor. They knew it was coming and he held on for quite a long time, but they couldn't treat it, couldn't cure it, and he finally passed away. They have three sons, two of whom are close to the ages of my children. Of course there was the shooting in Arizona which, while it is convenient to say that there's some sort of partisan connection, just sounds like some crazy dude did some crazy stuff, irrespective of his politics. Not that I condone the manner in which some politicians choose to communicate their desires for change and opposition to certain people being elected, but I don't think that this particular whackadoo has anything to do with them.

The Boy had a fever last night which seems to have mostly gone away, and Meatball has been off and on feeling lousy. I'm still not feeling 100% from having been sick before. My nose is getting all stuffy again. Perhaps it's early to bed for Mum.

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Bethany said...

Ok, this may sound weird but we were on the web md pregnancy boards at the same time when you were pregnant with the boy and I was pregnant with my son. Anyway, I've been following your blog from the beginning and I just had a dear friend receive devastating news. Her 3 year old daughter was just diagnosed with stage 4 Wilms tumor in both kidneys. This is the only way I know how to contact you, but I was hoping that if she needed or wanted to talk to someone I could send her your way. I don't know if that's something you even want to revisit but your family is the first thing I thought of when I heard the news. My email is (and i can pass along her info tp you)if you would be willing to share your story with her