Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More ills and thrills

Musical Daddy has strep. How in the world did he get strep, and of all the people in the house, why would he be the one to get it, considering that he does NOT spend his time around little germ factories children? Of course you'd think that The Boy would pick something like that up at school, or that Meatball would pick it up because he still has the annoying habit of putting stuff in his mouth, food or not. So he was home yesterday and is home today and has spent almost the entirety of that time in bed. Thankfully, he got himself some antibiotics. And those are wonderful things to have when you really need them.

The Boy is having a keen time going to school. Today he brought his Alef-Bet Yoga book to school to show his friends. When we were visiting New Jersey over the "winter break," we visited a synagogue, and we spent the time with other little kids and moms. One of the activities that they did was Alef-Bet Yoga, right out of this book that we got. It has real poses, or variations on real poses, that resemble the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Amazingly enough, The Boy remembered doing this weeks later and started doing it at home, so we bought the book. I would love to go through the book with him every day or almost every day so that we remember how to do it and we get a little yoga practice in. I don't know how my time just fills up but perhaps next time he asks to play a game or watch something on TV we'll do this instead. Not sure if Meatball is ready for this yet.

That said, Meatball does an excellent job of performing the motions for songs and games that he knows, and he even starts to fill in the words. Patty-Cake, Row Row Row Your Boat, If You're Happy And You Know It, and The Wheels On The Bus are among the ones that he enjoys. So maybe he would get into a session of Alef-Bet Yoga.

Meatball has gone down for his nap, and since Musical Daddy is right across the hall from him asleep, I can just leave and go get The Boy from school. I hope he is still having fun. The teachers told me after last week that he is really enjoying himself and is doing a great job falling into the various routines. That's something that is much easier to teach to a group of similarly-aged children because they all want to do what the other ones are doing, and--much less important--they want to please the grown-ups. Peer pressure is not always a negative--if the other kids are putting on their own coats or cleaning up toys or going potty, then that's good.

Anyhow, I'm going to get The Boy. I'm sure I'll have more to say later.


Shannon said...

I had strep back in November and after I finished my antibiotics and then got it again realized I had caught it from my daughter who had no symptoms. We then tested everyone and both the kids had it. I guess I'm the one in the future who will be the "test" to know when someone has strep. I hadn't had it since I was a child. I hope Musical Daddy feels better soon!

Alina said...

Don't get me started on the Strep. I am doing my 3rd course of antibiotics, and Ausonie is too. This time around she has join involvement (one shoulder and one knee), despite completing 2 courses of antibiotics. Two weeks after she got better each time, she got it again from school and I got it from her. This time around, even though her swab was positive for Strep, I think she actually has the flu because she has a high fever up to 104.6 which was untouched by the antibiotics. I hope your husband feels better and none of rest of you get it!