Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Short Oddities

No, I'm not calling my children oddities. Not that I haven't thought it.

I put Meatball to bed at around 8PM. When he woke up for some nighttime milk (as he always seems to do right when I close my eyes to sleep; I swear he can hear them), I went in to get him and he was shirtless.

We've already learned never to put him to bed without pants over a diaper, because he will take off the diaper when it gets wet/poopy. But the shirt? No idea where that was coming from. Particularly since it is Winter, weather-wise even if not by the calendar. And it's cold!

Meatball takes himself to the potty. He hasn't actually gone in the potty or the toilet in awhile, but now he takes himself to the Elmo potty in the downstairs bathroom, sits for awhile whether he has pants on or not, and then climbs the stepstool to the sink to wash his hands.

The Boy remains in that "almost" stage of being potty-trained. Keeping him accident-free depends on some combination of parental diligence, dumb luck, and his deciding that he wants dry pants instead of wet ones at that moment...because he'll have "accidents" just because he feels like it sometimes. Not much to be done about that.

We are planning our trip east. We leave next week on Thursday, stopping in Harrisburg, and we arrive in NJ on Friday, probably by lunch time.

I keep meaning to write a long and meaningful post about health care reform but I just haven't had the sitzfleisch.

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Alina said...

Can't wait for the health care reform post :)
Do you think you'll have time for a meetup with us moms from the group when you are in NJ?