Friday, December 24, 2010

An Auspicious Beginning

Tuesday night was really when it started but by Thursday morning, there was no denying that The Boy had a raging case of pink eye, plus a horrible cold. That along with the nasty bruise on his face from Sunday's face-plant into the headboard of the bed has caused him to look like no less than a walking disaster. Poor little guy.

Meatball seems to have a little bit of the itchy eye as well, and I think he had the cold first. We're treating both kids for the pink eye and hoping that it will clear up soon. They both look better but with their colds and all that drainage from eyes and nose, they get crustiness on their face. Yuck.

Yesterday we cancelled the lessons that we were supposed to teach on our way out of town, because part of the plan was to bring the children, take turns teaching and watching them, and let them play with whichever kids were not taking lessons (3 kids total, ages 7, 5, and 3. The older two take lessons with us). No way were we going to show up at their house and spread the pink eye love.

We called my aunt and let her know that the kids were so afflicted, and was it still okay for us to stop there. She said to go ahead and come anyway. Turned out that she was less concerned about the typhoid children than everyone else, and because we know better than anyone what it's like to want to avoid germs and illness, we drove on to New Jersey after dinner instead of spending the night. She's smart--she set out certain toys that are easily washable for the kids, and we did our best to keep them in certain areas of the house. Several times I followed one or the other child wiping any places that they touched.

We arrived at Grandpa's at about 9:30, which was around the time that I began to feel dizzy, weak, and generally crappy. By the morning, I could barely move. So now I'm sick and pretty much non-functional in terms of chasing around the children, who are sick but don't know that they're sick. Meatball is very interested in everything that he shouldn't be touching and has to be watched like a hawk. And there seems to be a lot that he wants to touch and shouldn't.

We have a variety of plans over the next few days that I'm hoping to be able to keep, but it is quite difficult when moving oneself is an issue. I didn't even feel well enough to stand in the shower; I took a bath in the hopes that I'd feel better. And I do, a little bit. But not much.

So, friends, if I haven't made plans with you yet while I'm visiting, please know that I'm waiting until I feel better. We will be here through New Years.

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Sarah R said...

I'm sorry to hear you all were sick! I hope everyone is doing better now...