Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do you hear what I hear?

IEP meeting for The Boy this morning, and hearing aid appointment in the afternoon. He got the hearing aids and seemed to tolerate them well. Of course, he is usually good for doctors and medical personnel, which includes therapists such as his physical therapist and people who evaluate him. His attitude seems to be, "So you're JUST going to stick something in my ear? Or ask me to say stuff? And NOT jab me with sharp things or pump me full of stuff that makes me feel crappy? Where do I sign up?"

So the hearing aids are another thing to check and maintain. We need to be very careful with them. There are a few simple maintenance things, plus battery changes every 2 weeks or so. Batteries are covered by insurance, thankfully.

Also, The Boy has a nasty bruise from banging into the headboard of our bed. Jumping, like a monkey. He has a cold, and he seems to have some pink eye as well. Looks pretty bad. Still an improvement over last year at this time, when he was in the hospital with what was probably RSV.

Leaving for our trip tomorrow. Should be fun.

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