Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So...who needs what?

A humorous thought regarding an exchange with Musical Daddy this evening as I was preparing to leave for rehearsal:

He told me, as I said that I'd be leaving shortly but not yet, that I'd need gas for the car. I said I'd just go at that point to get gas for the car and get some of their iced tea at the GetGo while there.

When I got in the car, the tank was about...1/5 full. Emptied past the 1/4 mark but not at the point where it was about to hit the E. I looked at the miles that I drove from the rehearsal site and realized that *I* didn't need gas for the car. I had no problem driving 2.6 miles each way on a close-to-empty tank.

HE, on the other hand, would have a heck of a time driving 35 miles to work in the morning had I not filled up the tank.

I certainly don't begrudge him the fill-up. I'm glad to do it. If he asked me to get gas for the car every time he needed it, I'd do it with a smile. But just to be clear...*I* did not need gas this evening.

That's all.


Elana said...

Ohh that reminds me that my car needs gas too. Yipe!

Alina said...

My husband is like that! He panicks once the gas reaches that 1/5 full (or 4/5 empty) level. He'd never admit it, but I see him looking for gas stations as soon as the needle starts pointing south. Sometimes I want to scream - we are in a crowded area and you are never more than 5 miles away from a station, so R E L A X! :) I know it is also because he has a longer commute, but with my new car I calculated I can actually drive 75 miles after the light goes on. So I know all cars leave you pleeeeenty of room to not run out of gas. Just sayin'.

Musical Daddy said...

But, don't forget: one does not want to be caught in the middle of western Pennsylvania with no gasoline. It can get a little bit like the movie Deliverance, you know? I swear I see the dude with the banjo every day on my way to work, and I'm afraid that I'd be shouting "Weeeeeeee!" (Awful movie reference; if you don't understand, you're better off.)

Thank you, sweetheart. 8P