Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sick sick and sick

Yesterday my mother was sick, Musical Daddy was sick, and I was sick. And the kids were perfectly fine. Today Musical Daddy went back to work and my mother and I are feeling at least somewhat better.

Fortunately, the children were very kind to us. Meatball spent more time than he otherwise would sitting in our laps, and The Boy was very good as well. They watched a LOT of television yesterday, and quite a bit today as well. We just had such a hard time functioning. Meatball napped for 3 hours in the middle of the day, and The Boy relaxed while I napped.

Meatball is just new territory for us. By the time The Boy was this age, he was already pretty sickly from cancer treatment. He wasn't too hard too keep up with. Not this one--Meatball ends up dancing on the coffee table if you turn your head for a second.

Musical Daddy and I discussed this issue, and I said I hoped that Meatball would get bored with it. Musical Daddy said that he'd probably keep dancing on the table through college (infer what you will, I guess) question was, would Meatball experience a dancing-on-the-table latency period?

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