Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Because we haven't had any bad news in awhile...

The Boy had his hearing test today. He was very cooperative. He played the games that the audiologist asked him to play. She was very nice and very helpful, and the tests were well-designed.

And there was no question that he now needs hearing aids.

He can hear us when we talk to him and he can hear the TV. But he doesn't have the high frequencies so much, and he has lost some of the middle frequencies as well at soft volumes.

We need a hearing aid appointment and an ear-nose-throat appointment, and then that's what we get.

We are also supposed to investigate alternate preschool options through the school system, which could jeopardize his starting kindergarten an extra year late.

And, since we're not sure if the hearing loss is complete from the Carboplatin, we will keep monitoring.

We were feeling WAY too home free.


Sarah R said...

I'm sorry. :( Cancer sucks and so do the other resulting consequences.

Jennifer said...
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