Saturday, October 9, 2010

Failure to Launch

My plan of trying to substitute-teach in a bunch of districts is slowly getting off the ground. I've been signed up with one district for a few weeks but they don't actually have any work for me, like, ever. I'll have at least 2, maybe 3, districts in addition to that one by the end of next week. Then I actually have to start getting up out of bed and working. Remember that I'm not necessarily doing this for the money; instead, I'm doing this for the networking and recognition. Substitute teaching pays peanuts, most of the time, but if I can get people familiar with me, that at least takes care of one of my problems that hindered my getting hired this year. The other two I can't do anything about. I have an advanced degree, and I have experience. Really, those two things equal one problem--I'm too expensive.

Now, onto more important things: the children got the BIG shots on Monday--MMR and Chicken Pox. The Boy developed a high fever on Wednesday night and it only recently seems to have broken. The doctor saw him again Friday morning and said that he likely had a more intense immune response.

Meatball's only major issue since Monday is that his sleeping is abysmal. Which becomes a major issue for Mommy. I shouldn't say that; at least he IS sleeping. He's just getting up every 2 hours until 3 AM, at which point he may or may not sleep until 7. Not bad hours for an exclusively breastfed cosleeping infant, but Meatball is neither cosleeping nor an infant. Not for lack of trying; if he'd stay in bed next to me, he could nurse nonstop for all I care. Meatball is all about his own space. One of the nights this week I did get to stay with him for a little while, but 99% of the time, he is still awake after nursing and just wants to be put back to bed. When he gets up, I give him a minute to be sure that he really is getting up...then I drag myself zombie-style out of bed to tend to the needs of the little Meatball. Who also HATES to have wet diapers so he gets changed once if not twice at night. I just hope that he's growing, or something, and that I can get some sleep eventually.

Another point of interest was that Meatball apparently has low iron. Not too low, and probably something that we can address through diet. He'll have beans every day and more red meat. Yum!

Hmm...perhaps some sleep is in order. There's always time for blogging later, but sleep is a precious commodity around here.


Sarah R said...

I'm so tired lately too. Good luck on Meatball! LOL, Elise has been really cluster feeding at night lately (but not always).

nancy said...

Yes, sleeping IS in order. I hope you get some soon.