Monday, April 5, 2010


The Boy has started to sing. Just a little bit. He had been reciting some songs in rhythm; now he has begun to differentiate between high and low sounds. Also, he will sing in the same register that I do (assuming that I pick a decent register for him).

I'm excited. Particularly since he is unlikely to receive further medication that will damage his hearing.

Today wasn't a very interesting day. I was exhausted. The past two nights, The Boy has been waking up angry multiple times throughout the night. He hasn't had a fever. Right now he has a bit of a temperature but nothing major, and both boys have had little runny noses. Unfortunate, but normal. But the whole waking up every hour, angry, isn't good. He is distressed by his wet diapers at night (but doesn't seem to care during the day at all) and insists on a change.

Meatball has been sleeping through most nights and going to bed at night and for naps with little issue, although lately he has been more likely to cry a bit when he is put to bed. Last night he got up at 4 AM. Not a big deal except that having been woken at 1, 2, and 3 by The Boy, a 4 AM Meatball waking adds insult to injury.

Anyhow, despite my somewhat zombified state today, we did have fun. The boys played outside, and they even got a new playhouse today!

Hopefully tomorrow we'll get out and do something else...and perhaps I can get a handle on the constant mess!

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