Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Mundane

The more exciting events of today were a pee and poo in the potty right after nap on the part of The Boy and my first successful lunch outing with both children, and just me.

I guess that's not such a bad thing, as you know how much we enjoy and prefer the simpler, more mundane aspects of life with little kids. Could be sarcastic, but isn't.

We woke up before Daddy had left for work and had breakfast. We puttered around the house for awhile, doing assorted playing. I have discovered, unhappily, that The Boy has a habit of pushing Meatball over when he is unhappy about having to share his toys. Not such a problem on the bed, but it sounds rather painful when it is on the floor. I haven't figured out how to address the problem other than to pick up The Boy and tell him not to. If anyone has any suggestions, please share.

I'm being paged, so...


Lunch with the boys was touch-and-go. I did have to get them back in the stroller and prepare to leave, as The Boy wasn't cooperating as much as he could, but he became interested in talking about what was on the menu, things improved. He had macaroni and cheese for lunch. He also got applesauce, but it was chunky, so he didn't like it for some reason. Meatball and I shared a hot turkey sandwich and a salad. He enjoyed turkey, bread, cucumbers, lettuce, and raw onions.

I also enjoy raw onions--who am I to judge?

When we arrived at home, we all napped. The Boy napped in underpants, on a pad. When he awoke from his nap, he felt that he needed to use the potty. And he did.

We were able to get outside for a walk during the brief period of time in the afternoon when it wasn't raining. We went to visit a friend of mine whose phone number I didn't have, but I knew her address. Her daughter is 8 months old. Soon, we'll get to play, but this time, she was just about to nap. My boys had no problem playing with her toys while she napped. The Boy left the house in underpants and kept them dry!

Unfortunately, when he was having his snack upon our arrival at home, I noticed a puddle on the floor. So much for that. He really doesn't like interrupting his meals in order to use the potty.

I can definitely see how potty training is easier when you don't have other children around to distract you. You have to watch your toddler like a hawk to read the signs that he is going to go or that he is trying to hold it. Much like EC. Of course, had I been able to potty-train him early when he was first showing interest, it wouldn't have been an issue. Or had I just done EC with him or with Meatball...I'm very jealous of people who are actually able to do Elimination Communication. I understand the concept and it makes all kinds of sense--you're doing the same potty-training things and watching your child to see when they have to go, but you're doing it with babies instead of willful 2-year-olds. And in general, most of the moms that I know of who do EC aren't doing it for extra credit or to brag about how their child is potty trained at 2 months--they're doing it because it is MUCH more hygienic. The child uses the potty on their own at only a slightly earlier age than a child who is in diapers, but there's no fundamental difference in time spent changing diapers versus time spent watching and reading cues at the beginning of the EC process. Major criticism of this way of doing things says "But the child isn't trained--the parent is trained to know when the kid is going to go!" Typical response: "So?"

That digression aside, we're still sitting at the mostly-not-trained stage with The Boy. He wears underpants at home frequently, and he goes in them frequently. One success a day, just about, and everything else is puddles. Saves diaper laundry, though.

On Saturday night, I went to Wine Club, at a friend's house. It was a lot of fun. Buncha girls getting together to drink wine and act silly. And I got to talk about something other than poo.

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mamapoekie said...

Isn't this potty training thing confusing? I think we'll be EC-ing with the next one. DD now runs around naked most of the time and pees on the lawn. Probably because of the dog, but who knows