Monday, July 28, 2008

The Wonderful World of Books and Bathrooms

This morning, The Boy and I went to our local library to hang out and were pleasantly surprised to find that it was storytime! Even though I had tried to sign up for storytime and it was full, we crashed it anyway and had a good time. Some friends were there as well.

The structure of this storytime at the library is pretty good, taking into consideration the attention spans of the audience. It was a wonderful mix of songs, stories, and games. One of the games involved children holding jingle bells (which get washed after every session). The facilitator gave The Boy a plastic toy with bells in it because she saw that he had been chewing on my keys, but apparently he was more interested in the other bells that had been given to our friend sitting next to us and took them away! Fortunately, our little buddy was pretty laid back about the whole thing and I managed to convince The Boy to play with what he had, which included my keys and the plastic jingling toy, and return our friend's bells to her. I don't think that she held a grudge.

Here's a really lousy segue: I wonder when The Boy will start taking books into the bathroom with him. I am pleased to report that we had a multi-faceted success on the potty this morning. We have the Baby Bjorn Little Potty, which was $10. It is small enough for most babies who are old enough to sit up, so that they can put their feet on the floor.

Read the bottom half of this entry to get some insight as to why we started the potty with The Boy. It had nothing to do with the fact that we think our child is so brilliant and so advanced and want to put pressure on him--he gave us some signs, so we're rolling with it. In teacherspeak, we are potty training on the spiral curriculum. That means that the student will cover a concept several times over the course of the learning process, and each time he goes over it, his understanding will broaden. Plus, anything that ends up out of the diaper--even if it is on the floor or on the lawn--is that much better for Mr. Sensitive Skin.

Also, please keep in mind that neither Musical Daddy nor I get any sort of compensation for the products that we mention in our personal blogs. Please. We just have found certain items that work for us and perhaps you may find them to be useful.

I got some of my inspiration, especially right at the beginning, from the Cranky Little Man website. She hasn't updated it in awhile, but her website has a nice little collection of advice for new moms, with breastfeeding advice, product reviews, and honesty about the scary newborn stage.

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