Monday, July 28, 2008

One of the many reasons I love my husband

Parents Magazine Rebuttal

Musical Daddy wrote this a few months ago after we read a really poorly written article in Parents Magazine. I just wanted to revisit it because it's brilliant.

Recently, my mother forwarded me a thread on the Slickdeals forums. CostCo online is now selling Bumkins All-In-Ones, fitted diapers, and diaper covers. Many people were excited about this new development, but just as many people were shocked and appalled at the idea of washable cloth diapers.

My feeling is that our dipes are more effective at holding things in there until he gets changed, so we do less clothing laundry.


Sarah R said...

That is an awesome write-up by your husband! I couldn't agree more (I responded to his post so I won't respond here). Basically, though--they couldn't have picked a worse guy to do the article in the magazine! Seriously!

Great blog, Mommy! :) I have a new place to lurk.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the cloth diapers. I've never had a "blow-out" in our cloth diapers, so it has definitely cut down on laundry. Which is good because now that the munchkin is 9 months and well into solids, I'm spending enough time keeping up with the messes at the other end (if it's not the clothes, it's the bibs ...)