Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Free Energy!

It's not like there's this big ball up in the sky, beaming down free energy for everyone...

If anyone remembers where that quote comes from, if it is, in fact, a quote from somewhere else and not just the sharp wit of The Musical Daddy, let me know.

It's great weather to line-dry diapers! But then, every day when it's not raining or freezing is a great day to line-dry diapers. It's good for getting rid of any stains and odors (geez I sound like a commercial for The Sun).

While hanging up diapers this morning and while taking them down this evening, The Boy played with his little boat toy. I can't imagine that this big clunky thing was meant for water play. Musical Daddy got it at a yard sale so, of course, the price was right. I'd post a link but it looks like a pretty old toy that they aren't making anymore.


Sarah R said...

In the almost 2 months that I've been cloth diapering, I have only used the dryer once, and that was because the weather turned ugly. I love the clothesline! An added bonus is that the sun is a natural brightener. It takes me 10 minutes to hang them up and 3-4 minutes to take them down. I plan my diaper washing around the weather. ;)

Musical Daddy said...

Oh, I wouldn't put the boat in the water - the big holes in the bottom of the base of the seating area would make it slightly less water-ready than one would prefer.

And, I think I got the quote from Galactica Watercooler, who was quoting... either Red Dwarf, Farscape or Mystery Science Theater 3000.