Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Playing hooky from watching stuff blow up

My patriotic duty is to go watch fireworks on July 4, right?

There was a thunderstorm off and on this afternoon, so I didn't leave the house. Not that I had planned to.

Today we had Little Bear's birthday party. His birthday is tomorrow, but I figured that on the 4th, enough people would be around and not working, and looking for things to do in the morning with their 3 year olds.

So we had brunch. I made pancakes. A bit too labor-intensive but they were still delicious. And I served other brunch things like lox and bagels, tuna salad, and veggies and dip. I think the kids enjoyed the food.

They also wanted to play outside. Goodness knows why. It was roasty-hot out there.

Fun party. Cute kiddos. Happy Little Bear.

And a decent enough reason to stay home. Because I'm tired.

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