Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Ender (or, I'm sick of cake)

Between all the extra treats my mom got in anticipation of guests that never came and the four, and counting, birthday functions (Little Bear's party, visit to Aunt M's with cookie-cake, party at Grandpa's in NJ, little party yesterday for Ender), I'm really done with cake. But...it's so good!

I also had a birthday. On Friday. I did not ask for cake.

So. My baby is 1. He does not walk yet, but he talks a bit. Still breastfed, naturally. I'm a firm believer in "when they are old enough to ask for it...they should ask." He doesn't ask yet but he generally doesn't turn it down.

He loves to eat. Loves his brothers. He is incredibly cute. He is very smiley and friendly but is not keen on other people holding him, not unless he knows them.

My ways with him have been so much more attached-to-the-heart and instinctive. It's convenient. It keeps me sane while chasing the others.

He's the icing...

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