Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My first pass at chocolate cake

I tried a recipe posted by a friend. I modified it to make it non-dairy. I now know how to make chocolate cake although this one was only okay. But now that I'm versed in cake, I can do it better next time.

Hospital frequent flyers: did you read that word "versed" as a two syllable word for a pre-surgery medication? I did at first and The Boy didn't even have that medicine except in Philadelphia.

I'm not fluent in dessert. Main courses are more in my wheelhouse. Yet, the more I work in a new medium, the easier it gets.

So it is with circumstances regarding the children. Fluency is a major component of success in the medium.

Carseats? Same thing. Fluency.

But desserts are much more fun than carseats.

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