Monday, March 12, 2012

Another all-clear!

The Boy remains cancer-free and with a stable remaining kidney!

Amazing how things change. This morning, I took The Boy and Ender (just as a spectator) for the ultrasound, the cheese sandwich, and the visit to audiology for hearing aid help. Good news is that The Boy has himself some new earmolds in his very favorite color. Orange, natch. Bad news is that his left hearing aid is not working. The light is on, but there's nobody home.

Anyhow, the reason why things change is because I was able to do this without a problem or complaint. Ender is a very good-natured baby who will relax and fall asleep in the Ergo carrier. And The Boy is a well-behaved preschooler (not a perfect one, but a good one) and not a sickly toddler who needs constant care. So it was a far cry from the insanity of taking The Boy and Little Bear to The Boy's very frequent clinic visits. We did it, but it was crazy.

Little Bear had preschool today. Following preschool pickup, I returned to the hospital with The Boy for his oncology and renal follow-ups.

Many thanks to my mother. Despite her not doing exactly as I would do because of a lack of fluency and physical ability, NOT a lack of desire to do what I prefer, she takes wonderful care of the children. Ender is so happy to rest in her arms and she is happy to have him there.

Anyhow, we made it through another round of checkups. And, we get a year until we need to go to renal, and six months for hem-onc, and no more x-rays.

It's been nearly 2 years since we were told to go home, no more chemo would be done. April 1st. I thought it was a joke.

What a change. All the problems that we have, jobs or backtalk or house issues (like a crack appearing on our shower floor), are small potatoes compared to what we went through until that point.

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