Sunday, February 19, 2012

Really afraid of tigers

Ender does not like to be left alone or put down while sleeping. He appears to be following in the footsteps of his oldest brother, without as much of the Daddy attachment. Usually that means that if Mom gets up, everyone is up. Baby gets mad, Daddy tries to snuggle him back to sleep but with no luck, waking The Boy if he is in bed with us too.

A baby left alone in "the wild" would clearly be in danger, from tigers (or other indigenous hazards). And babies don't want that, which is why they get upset when you put them down. Ender must be really afraid of tigers.


He is a baby who is so pleasant and easygoing. And is fine to play alone by my side while I make a meal or something like that. When we go out to the store, he rides in the Ergo snuggled up to me and is always happy.

His emotional needs are met effectively, because he gets to be close to me pretty much whenever he wants, and if not, he is close to someone else who loves him.

I haven't gotten any naysaying regarding his sleeping or his being given as much attention as he needs. If any mamas reading this have had issues with people telling you how to raise your baby and not "spoil" and let him get used to not being picked up right away (which does happen although not on purpose; having three little ones will cause that)...and then have people be surprised at how good he is? Tell them it's no accident.

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