Sunday, February 12, 2012

The need

I wonder where my need to write has gone. I have these thoughts regarding what would be worth sharing...and they drift away.

We're okay. We all are. Everyone is healthy and happy. Musical Daddy is working at his bank job and racking up "points" like it's a video game over there. Achieving something very measurable without having to worry about anyone's opinion is satisfying for him. I feel very fortunate that he is doing this job. He is glad to walk in somewhere and just start pwning.

The Boy loves his superheroes and his games. And he LOVES Daddy.

The Bear and I have a great time singing "Old MacDonald" and "I had a Rooster" before bed. He gets a kick out of the animal sounds. Funny stories: last week, The Bear was picking animals and picked a duck, then something else, and again, and then he picked a duck. "we already picked duck, Bear." He said, "a bigger duck."

Related to that: I sang him the ABCs and then he asked for the little letters.

Ender is loving his table food and is still pleasant and east-going.

I guess with writing, you just have to do it.

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Sarah said...

I have been so lacking in the blogging department. I think it's because we have 3 kids now. Let's just blame it on that.