Monday, April 11, 2011

Passover is coming...

and I just realized that we're a week out. It just snuck right up on us, didn't it?

I mentioned that on Saturday I hosted what was basically a model seder. There's a certain smell in the kitchen when you have those Seder plates out...with the raw horseradish and the haroset (which is a mix of chopped apples, walnuts, cinnamon, and wine or grape juice that tastes a little like pie), coupled with the smell of soup and possibly gefilte fish. And it makes me happy, because Passover is a bunch of fun with the family.

I've been doing my best to manage the "exodus" of bread products and other non-Passover things from our fridge and freezer so we don't waste them. And of course, anything that is already opened is no longer kosher for Passover, even if it is supposed to be otherwise.

The Boy has been singing some songs at school for Passover, too. I'm excited! He knows the first part of the Four Questions. Meatball doesn't, but he likes to hear it and asks for it again. They both sing "Dayenu" as well.

We will travel to Harrisburg as we always do. This will be The Boy's first Passover since his treatment. We rushed back last year to get him in the hospital for chemo, to be told that we wouldn't start quite yet, and then when we went in, we were told that he was done with it.

Today I'm working. I'm substituting for high school band and music theory. This is one of those programs where many of the kids seem to live in the band room. Not dissimilar to the high school program where Musical Daddy worked in terms of band room culture, quite a long time ago now. I haven't gotten a feel for exactly the type of program that it is, although I know that it is a musically sound one, at least starting at the junior high level because I've been in there too. The kids are all helpful and want to do their work, which is nice. I'm not feeling very well today, unfortunately. I didn't get enough sleep, and I think I have a cold. And I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy, so everything takes a little bit more effort.

Wait, what? How did that happen? That was fast! But I think that since my due date is July 13 and today is April 11, I'm just now entering into the third trimester. I guess I'm 27 weeks on Wednesday. Am I ready to have THREE children?

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Elana said...

Hey, if I can survive with three kids then so can you!