Saturday, April 9, 2011

Onion Breath

It's been a busy few weeks and weekends for us. Not in a bad way at all--lots of good things!

Last weekend included a fantastic comedy show attended by Musical Daddy and myself. Without children (definitely NOT age appropriate, nor would they get it anyway). The following day, we toured the women's hospital where I'm going to be having baby #3. You know, whatever his name might happen to be. I feel MUCH better about the place, as I had heard some things about it being too intervention-happy, both during labor/delivery and postpartum. Not to mention generally unfriendly. What I had forgotten in listening to some friends (of many different mindsets, not just the crazy hippies like me) talk about this hospital is that it couldn't possibly be any worse than the place I had my other two kids. You know, where the C-section rate is nearly 50%, and they push formula at every shift change it seemed. If I could feel comfortable there, then certainly a place that is MORE motherbaby friendly will be even easier.

A friend who just had a baby there about a week ago (unmedicated VBAC by the way!) and had also had 2 other births out of state also had positive things to say.

After that was a 2nd birthday party for a friend's son. My kids love this little boy and it's so cute to listen to them call him by name. Our friends got a guy with a Barney suit to come and do some games and singing and dancing, and photos of course. He did a nice job; the only thing that I'd improve with regards to his act is that it's hard to hear him talking through the big costume head and a wireless mic system might really help. But other than that, all the kids at the party were very cute and very good.

I worked a few days this past week, as did Musical Daddy. Gets crazy around here when both of us go to work because poor Grandma is in charge of the kiddies. She does an amazing job and we love her for it, but it's still hard for everyone because everyone is exhausted.

Then last night, I went out with some friends to the casino that is here in town. Definitely not Atlantic City. But, it was also a cheaper night than it would be had we been in AC. 3 of the 4 of us who were there are pregnant. Two of us with kid #3 and one with kid #1. Our designated drinker 4th person has a 1-year-old. Great time. Lots of penny slots, which were fun. I don't know how much I actually spent on the slots but I finished the night down $23, plus $9 for food. That's a pretty cheap night out, I think.

Tonight we hosted some friends for an international dinner. It was a pretend Passover Seder! They aren't Jewish, any of them, so it was a neat experience. The kids were good, too. Typical kids, a little eating, a little playing, a little wandering, but it's to be expected.

Thursday night was tricky--I was making the soup for today and for some reason, Meatball REALLY wanted to eat some of the onions. So, as I was cutting them for the soup, I would give him pieces.

Fast-forward a bit and he's just not cooperating about going to bed, which isn't like him at all. Instead of snuggling in for a hug while I sang him his songs, he was screaming at me with his onion breath.

Finally he went to sleep a little after 9.

Anyhow, laundry calls, but we're still here and still doing just fine!

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