Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Ebb and Flow of Activity

This past week was a very slow one for us.

On Tuesday, two volunteers from our area's Make-A-Wish came to visit us to talk about The Boy's wish, which is going to be a Disney trip. We're not entirely sure when we're going to do it yet. Waiting too long is almost like tempting fate, know what I mean? But we'll wait at least until one of us gets a job.

VERY cute: The Boy was asked to draw his wish, and he drew three circles in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Also on Tuesday, both boys were running fevers. Remembering that we have two children who do NOT need to be rushed to the ER when they have fevers, we called the doctor's office. Tylenol and fluids. The fevers were gone after about 24 hours.

To be replaced by colds, one for each of them, that started on Friday.

After the fevers went away, we were still taking it easy, because neither boy seemed exceptionally energetic. But what that meant was, we didn't leave the house much, and we didn't do much of anything.

I also had a job interview on Wednesday which turned out to be a leave replacement position that would result in my being treated as a substitute and not earning any actual years of service in the district. I was just in the middle of deciding that I probably didn't want the job when I realized that they had said they'd make the decision that day, and they hadn't called, so they didn't want me.

The other job that I interviewed for also never called.

Being no dummy, I'm not going to publish the names of the school districts on a public forum. If you're curious, I'll be glad to tell you.

So the job search, since it is still going, isn't going well. Musical Daddy is postulating that when it gets to mid or late August and people suddenly leave jobs and they need replacements, he and I will be the best jobless rejects of the bunch, being that the candidates who know someone will have already been plugged in, and the first few rounds of the popularity contest will have been completed.

I hope he's right, because if he's not, then one or both of us is leaving teaching. It's been a great move for our family to relocate as we did, but I think I've pretty much shot my career in the foot. And someone needs to get a job. Maybe the nursing school thing isn't such a bad idea. A similarly underappreciated profession as teaching but people don't blame nurses if sick people don't get better. Or midwifery. That could get interesting.

The past few weeks before this one, we have been very busy. Frequent pool/water park visits as well as playgrounds and the Children's Museum, and the zoo too. A few meals out, a few meals in, a few outings for just the two of us.

I guess waiting around for phone calls also contributed to this week's relative lack of activity, but it is cyclical. Sometimes we want to be busy, and sometimes we don't.

But, unlike in cancer-land, the ebb and flow of activity is not related to terrible toxic drugs and is instead just a part of the natural order.


Elana said...

Oh job hunting stinks. As you know, I'm back in school to become a nurse and eventually a certified nurse midwife. I expect it will be a lot of fun and if teaching doesn't work out for you, I think you'd be fantastic. :-)

Jennifer said...

Good luck with the job hunt! So many transfers and "who you know" in the school system. I couldn't even get an interview 4 miles up the road to transfer. Thankfully, I still have my current job.

I'm sure you guys will find something. Midwife nurse sounds like a good fit for you too.

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