Friday, July 30, 2010

Big boy stuff

The Boy had his very first haircut yesterday. At nearly 3, normally a kid would have a LOT more hair but, you know. The woman who cut his hair also gave my sisters their first haircut and has been cutting my mom's hair, and mine off and on, for 24 years. Even when she moved from a salon down the street to one 20 minutes away, we continued to go to her. She cried when my mother had cancer and went wig shopping with her. She cried even more for The Boy.

She just cleaned up the edges a little bit. And put in a bit of gel so that he could sport the little spiky bangs on the end. If anyone knows the name of that hairstyle, the one where the front sticks up, let me know.

As for the potty, we are still in the same place. Very rare trips unprompted, able to stay on schedule with pee if we pay attention, but poo is still random and difficult to control. We will probably wait until after his doctor visits to pursue potty training again in earnest, as they will probably have some insight.

Meatball is just THIS close to walking on his own. He stands alone for a little while as he plays sometimes.

We have a great NJ vacation planned. Musical Daddy also might have a second interview for a GREAT job, so our plans may change.

Also, Musical Daddy is doing a little caffeine detox. Fun for him. He's not going completely caffeine free--just going down to a little cup a day and the rest decaf.

We went to an indoor playplace yesterday. Review to follow.

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