Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A long night, long ago

It was six years ago, right about now, when we took turns sleeping and trying, and failing, to soothe our sweet Boy, as we smelled him, smelling not right to us anymore.

He was 22 pounds at nearly 10 months old, and 2 pounds of that was tumor.

To be removed the next morning, as we waited. And waited. Me diligently hooked up to my Medela Pump-In-Style every few hours.

Our wedding anniversary is in 2 days. It will be ten years for that, but one countdown forever intertwines with the other.

We are forever changed. We are lucky. We are scarred, and scared, relieved and yet still on our guard.

I remember looking at his abdomen after the surgery and thinking, he'll never be the same. And that was only one scar.

More scars have faded, except for one of his port scars did the keloid thing and is still puffy. From far away you can't tell, and from close up nobody else cares.

Ten years ago on Friday, we thought we had everything all figured out.

Six years ago today was when we were first told that our baby had cancer.

Today our lives are delightfully simple, but nowhere near what we thought they'd be.

Most importantly, we are together, all five of us now, and we are stronger.

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