Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sukkah! And updates.

My ambition, other than to revive my sleeping blog, is to put up a Sukkah tomorrow.

The holiday starts at sundown tomorrow night and lasts 8 days. It's way more major than Hanukkah but I bet that many of you have never heard of it.

It commemorates the time spent wandering in the desert after the exodus from Egypt. It's a harvest festival and also was, historically, one of the three major holidays that required a pilgrimage to Jerusalem (the others being Passover and Shavuot/Pentacost).

I hope to have success at building my very first Sukkah at our new home. I will take pictures, of course.

Between a more intense religious school schedule as a kindergarten instructor and a few times singing each month for temple services, my work schedule is delightfully busy. For right now, private string lesson teaching is on hold. As the need arises, I may revisit that part of my professional life, but the additional obligations with my congregation were the perfect excuse to give up the commute.

Wonderful students, though. I really enjoyed working with them. Because I was contracted through an online service, I found it to be very easy to deal with and it was nice that they didn't take all my money. A cut is fine, because without them I'd never have met the students.

Musical Daddy is doing well at his job and is just gogogo.

The Boy went to the dentist and according to the X-rays, he will have a loose tooth any day now! It's unbelievable how big and grown up he is.

Little Bear is excessively smart and excessively three. He did not respond well at ALL to the dentist. Any recommendations as to how to get him to cooperate would be appreciated. In terms of positives, he loves school and plays so nicely with his little friends.

Ender is THIS close to really walking. He takes steps, but he still crawls more than he walks. But soon.

Asleep at the blog here. More later.

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