Sunday, June 17, 2012

Decent human beings

Today, Little Bear decided that he wanted to make a mess. He had a hot dog and threw it on the floor. When asked to pick it up, he said, "I broke the hot dog" and rip it into more pieces. I told him several times that we can't do anything else until his mess us cleaned. No dice.

In his usual patient and loving manner, Daddy asked Little Bear to pick the pieces up and put them in his hand. Which he did a bit and then got bored. Even so, snaps to Daddy for the patience and the impression given to the children that their parents want the same thing.

But then, the most amazing thing happened. With no prompting at all, The Boy got up out of his chair and said "I'll clean it up." And he did.

What a great kid.

Not that Little Bear is not a great kid but let's be honest: in many ways, the 2/almost 3 year old is an uncivilized creature. All the brains in the world with none of the impulse control.

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Steve said...

Having spent the weekend with a very unruly 4 year old and a grabs-everything-that-isn't-bolted-down 18 month old I've gotta say offering to help out IS an amazing show of maturity!